Atomic Blonde

Just finished watching ‘Atomic Blonde’.

An undercover MI6 agent is sent to Berlin during the cold war to blah blah blah blah.

Dull, incomprihensible, clichéd.

Having said that, the fight scenes and car chases were really, really well done.

But the rest was pretty useless.



Just finished watching ‘Raw’.

A French-Belgian film about a naïve veterinary undergraduate who, as a strict vegetarian, struggles with the blood and guts and meat of the university hazing rituals, until eventually she starts to get an idea of her true, gruesome, self .

This is an incredible film, revolting and gross, but fascinating and gripping.

It’s got a low budget feel to it so the acting and the cinematography are naturalistic or just plain basic, matching perfectly the rough, dirty and raw atmosphere of the film.

It’s really very good but if you’re going to watch, it steel yourself for something nasty!

Alien: Covenant

Just finished watching ‘Alien: Covenant’.

This is a tricky one.

As a sci-fi it’s got loads going on, I mean shit-loads of ideas and stuff, so in that respect it’s good.

But there are lots of rubbish bits such as badly drawn characters, clunky dialogue, pointless aliens, so in that respect it’s bad.

The origin of man pretentious philosophising was kinda naff. There’s 30 seconds where we glimpse an alien culture and I just wished we’d had more of that than silly shooting at acid-filled monsters. Oh well.

The original ‘Alien’ is a great film. This is like some sort of straight-to-DVD homage which, frankly, wasn’t really necessary.

Having said that, Michael Fassbender is stupendous.


Just finished watching ‘Colossal’.

Anne Hathaway is a drunk loser going from one fuck-up to another. Meanwhile, over in Seoul, a huge monster is wreaking havoc.

A really unusual idea for a film, done in a way that’s slightly humdrum; even the sight of a massive lizard stomping all over Seoul seems a bit meh.

Anyway, it’s quite fun, with some interesting bits, and, as I said, the idea is really unusual and rather interesting.

Borg vs McEnroe

Just finished watching ‘Borg vs McEnroe’.

Really enjoyed it! Pretty slow and arty, which I liked.

The film basically consists of lots of flashbacks showing how they both developed on and off the tennis court and how both McEnroe and Borg were actually pretty similar internally but just displayed their emotions differently. And then, of course, there’s the big Wimbledon final, which is well done too.

All in all, a good little film with a gripping ending.

Cars 3

Just finished watching ‘Cars 3’.

It looked incredible; the animation they can do these days is really quite something.

The story was more like the first and a definite improvement over the second with its very confusing spy plot.

But the message was a bit odd; I think it doesn’t quite work outside of the USA.

Plus I fell asleep in the middle.

So overall a bit rubbish, but looked nice.

Le Petit Prince

Just finished watching ‘Le Petit Prince’.

One of my favourite books, turned into one of my favourite films: really enjoyed it!

The extra story elements and the different perspective did complicate the story a little, but not too negatively: it was really nice to see the little prince’s ideas developed more even though the ambiguity and brevity of the book was part of its charm. The animation and music were both lovely too.

I liked it a lot and it made me a bit sad and a bit happy, both at the same time.