Just finished watching ‘Paterson’.

A Jim Jarmusch film about a bus driver who writes poetry and his wife who likes to make black and white things.

The gentlest of films, in which nothing much really happens.

Good, but it took me 2 months to finish; I could only manage it in 20 minute chunks before falling asleep.

LA Confidential

Just finished watching ‘LA Confidential’ for at least the third time.

and to be honest I still don’t really get it. It’s a good film, I quite like the story, I actually really like quite a few of the cast but why this is an oscar winner I don’t know. Maybe 1997 was a weak year for movie making.

all that said, if you haven’t seen it, watch it- you’ll probably like it.

Manchester by the Sea

Just finished watching ‘Manchester by the Sea’.

A man becomes his nephew’s guardian after his brother dies.

I don’t make it sound like much, huh! There’s more to it, but that is essentially the plot.

But it’s not about plot, it’s about people, history, personal relationships, family, and so on. It’s fascinating and powerful, and beautifully told.

I personally wanted more from this film, I felt like it never really went far enough with any of its themes, but then maybe that’s just how life is.

The Accountant

Just finished watching ‘The Accountant’.

Ben Affleck is an autistic accountant / hitman.

The first ⅔ of the film are really awesome, like a cross between ‘Rain Man’ and ‘The Transporter’. Ben Affleck’s abilities are impressive and satisfyingly employed, and the action zips along excitingly.

But then the plot gets all tangled up in itself and I struggled to keep track of what was going on, and by the time the generic shoot ’em up came along I’d started to feel a bit hard done by.

Which is a shame because the first two acts were genuinely good.

The Edge of Seventeen

Just finished watching ‘The Edge of Seventeen’.

High-school life gets even more unbearable for Nadine when her best friend starts dating her older brother.

So this is a movie about a girl who struggles with life; she has no friends, the guy she fancies doesn’t even know she exists, her dad died and her mum’s a neurotic nightmare… you get the picture. Usual(ish) teenage problems.

And if it weren’t for Hailee Steinfeld who plays the teenage girl and Woody Harrelson as her drole teacher it would be pretty humdrum. But those two are fantastic and raise this film to something a bit special.

Somehow, even with all the clichés, this gets what it feels like to be a teenager.


Just finished watching ‘Passengers’.

There’s this mega spaceship carrying thousands of hibernating people to a new Earth-like planet 120 years away. Something goes wrong and one of the passengers gets woken up early. After a year kicking about the place on his own he’s soooo lonely that he picks another of the passengers and wakes them up, 90 years before they are due to arrive at their destination.

It’s great fun, really enjoyable and entertaining. There’s loads of sci-fi, and there’s philosophical stuff, and there’s romance and action… it’s got it all.

Admittedly it gets a bit silly at times, and I’m sure a lot of the science is way off, but I just ignored that and went along with it all.

Loved it!

Nocturnal Animals

Just finished watching ‘Nocturnal Animals’.

A Tom Ford film with Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Shannon.

A woman reads her ex-husband’s violent and dramatic novel. We watch her read it and we watch the violent and dramatic novel.

It’s really good, a very grown-up, subtle and tense mixture of thriller and psychological drama, stylishly and beautifully told.

I liked it a lot.